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AmpLight - Street Light Control

Energy savings combined with reduced maintenance costs are prime benefits of street light control and management. AmpLight's position and rapid market penetration is based on a subset of unique features and benefits founded in advanced use of global technologies such as GPRS, dual-band GSM, Linux and J2EE.


AmpMeter A cost-efficient turnkey remote metering solution

AmpMeter is a secure and reliable automated meter reading (AMR) system for automated billing and remote control and management of the meters to bridge the gap between the end user and the utility. AmpMeter is suitable for utilities such as power, water, heat and gas. AmpMeter is a two-way wireless system enabling the utility company to remotely connect and disconnect services; enabling load balancing and increased cost control.


AmpUPS - Power backup for Traffic Lights

AmpUPS is a system developed for control and monitoring an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS). In conjunction with a UPS, AmpUPS units ensure high quality and reduce fault states in traffic lights. The AmpUPS user interface enables the user to operate and monitor the current status of the entire traffic light system. AmpUPS is used for traffic lights in both urban and rural areas, but particularly in high density traffic areas, where a constant power supply is essential.


AmpSecureConnection - The most secure bridge between GPRS terminals and data centres

AmpSecure Connection is an easy-to-install, high performance gateway with low operational costs. Because the gateway is both flexible and extremely scalable, AmpSecure Connection is used and has proven its efficiency in a large number of M2M applications. Its most important features are however the software modules ensuring extreme safety in communication with wireless units.


AmpSign Traffic Sign Control and Monitoring

AmpSign utilise the possibility to control traffic signs so they becomes dynamic in order to set different speed limits adjusted for special weather conditions, critical traffic condition,s traffic congestion etc. AmpSign is controlled via and ordinary web-browser and offers a variety of functions. The system features advanced calendar based programming for the operator.


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